City Snacks, Theobalds Road

Visited: Thursday 10th May 2007 , last visited Friday 11th February 2011

Update: Today I had a poached egg, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes with two brown toast. The toast came separately, and first, but it was lovely and buttery, so although I had to manipulate the egg, tomato and mushrooms onto it when they arrived, I was grateful for the first slice. Once on the toast the egg was perfect. The mushrooms and tomato were less good – the mushrooms a bit small, wizened and unconvincing as mushrooms, the tomatoes not really tasting of anything, but the whole was satisfying enough and the mug of tea perfect. Staff were friendly as ever and even closed the door on my request (although subsequent customers then kept it open. Groo!)

Lovely friendly Italian-run caff. The people who run it really seem to care and told a couple of female students who’d been whiling away the hours over a single coffee not to rush off but to stay longer if they liked.

Interior: Possibly the most comforting and welcoming caff I’ve ever been in – immaculately clean, jolly red tables, and the counter and shelves filled with inviting food and beverage items.

Food: I didn’t actually eat, but had a very nice mug of earl grey for 70p. Seemed to be a good range of breakfast, pasta and other hot options. Perfect for a rainy day.


One Response to “City Snacks, Theobalds Road”

  1. schopflin Says:

    Update: visited Thursday 14th June, 2007

    I had a lovely decaff coffee and a rather disappointing cheese toastie. The cheese, sadly, hadn’t melted, which was rather the point. It did come with the best part of a packet of beef flavour crisps which, had I had better self-discipline I would have left at least some of. Next time I must remember to ask for salad instead. Still, a lovely friendly place to spend a lunch hour or 3.

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