The Conduit Coffee House, Lamb’s Conduit Street

Visited: Wednesday 2nd May 2007, Last visited: 10th June 2008


I won’t be visiting this caff again. In the absence of the usual manageress, the attitude of staff was rude, money grubbing and thoroughly unpleasant. I ordered a special breakfast, priced at 4.95 but asked for sausages to be replaced by tomato. The waitress accepted my order, but when I went to pay totted up each individual item I’d had and it came to 6.75. When I queried it, she – with the prompting of a silent older man behind the counter – said that any substitutions meant the meal had to be paid for in full. I was so speechless that it didn’t occur to me to piont out that the special breakfast with a side order of tomato was cheaper. I accept that caffs have the right to run discounts which are void if substitutions are made, but the waitress should have pointed this out when I ordered. And it’s a right, but a crap attitude nonetheless.

Here, for historical purposes, is the original posting:

Friendly and welcoming traditional caff.

Interior: Nice comforting leatherette booths, big tables for sharing. Cosy, if something of a squeeze. Very nicely situated on Lamb’s conduit St.

Food: Not brilliant – I had two slices of wholemeal toast (they’d just run out of  granary) which were amazingly big, but not the freshest (or maybe they needed another session in the toaster). The fried egg, while a nice consistency, didn’t really taste of anything. The mushrooms were whole rather than sliced and I suspect from a tin. They were fried firmly on the outside but gushed hot water once cut into. However, the decaff coffee was lovely and the meal was satisfying enough, especially since I’d had lunch 3 hours before. Recommended for the welcome despite the food.


One Response to “The Conduit Coffee House, Lamb’s Conduit Street”

  1. schopflin Says:

    I went back and had another coffee (lovely) and raisin toast. I don’t think anyone’s granny made it but it was very comforting and it was nice of them not to charge me the minimum price threatened on the menu, especially since there was a queue for my table when I stood up to pay.

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