Silva’s, Shaftesbury Avenue

First visited: Wednesday 21st February 2007 , last visited Friday 13th June 2008

I really liked this one! Really friendly, comfy and open past 6pm. A great pre-cinema stop.

Interior: Comfy (if slightly cramped) leatherette booths plus a few additional tables. You would definitely end up sharing booths at busy times.

Food: A bit confusing as there wasn’t a menu on the only free table, so I presumed Silva’s was following the ‘menu on blackboard, order at counter’ etiquette and when I was told to order at the table had to improvise as I didn’t have a menu to choose from. However, after I ate my tuna and veg toasted baguette (which was jolly nice) I read the menu which looked very attractive. A nice touch: normally asking for a granary anything after 1pm leads to snorts of derision in your average caff, because of course it’s far too late for any to be left. The lovely manageress was delighted when she found the last granary baguette for me and it was after 6 as well. Decaff coffee came in a cup, but this was a good thing as I was about to go to the cinema.


2 Responses to “Silva’s, Shaftesbury Avenue”

  1. schopflin Says:

    Update: I returned for a pre-pub egg on toast and was impressed by the friendly welcome once again. Two poached eggs on very buttery (and rather soggy) granary toast were delicious. Sadly the coffee was bitter and not very pleasant. Even we decaff drinkers have standards.

  2. Ozone, Shaftesbury Avenue « Caffs Says:

    […] incorporated into Silva’s next door as of November […]

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