Double Six Cafe, Eversholt St

Last visited Saturday 18th June 2010

Interior: Surprisingly spacious, the cosy green leatherette booths stretch back into a back room with natural lighting. There is a certain grimy atmosphere about the cafe – I hasten to add nothing to do with their impeccable hygiene standards – that gives it a feel of having been there for years.

Food: I had delicious toast, egg, tomato, bacon and mushrooms with a mug of tea for £3.70 which they were happy to serve me although breakfasts were officially no longer being served. In fact nothing was too much trouble for the surprisingly young staff here – they found a cardboard box to help one customer carry her four takeaway drinks, and were happy to substitute new potatoes for chips for a health-conscious diner. All of which is much to recommend before I even mention the choice of main meals – stews, roasts and chops with 2 veg for £4-5 and the portions looked huge – even steak with 2 veg was only 6.30.


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