Squat and Gobble, Charlotte Street

*Closed as of October 2011*

Update 23rd May 2007 – read the comment for more

An old favourite, providing home-made food for Fitzrovians since the last century. Radio is a bit loud and they stop serving breakfast at 11am. Still, they are very friendly and I’ve never left there feeling short-changed. Clientele can be a bit advertisingy.

Interior: Pleasant gastropub – old wooden tables and chairs.

Food: I had roast veg and mozzarella toasted on granary (which they happily provided me with on request rather than Focaccia) and a lovely big mug of earl grey. Sandwich came with tons of salad (Of the 1970s variety – included grated beetroot and a couple of sultanas – but much nicer than that kind of thing was in the 70s) and the filling had olives and lots of herbs in it. Other highlights are the giant bowls of porridge, the home-made smoothie and the sausage sandwiches (veg and meat). Be warned, bread is always cut very thick.


One Response to “Squat and Gobble, Charlotte Street”

  1. schopflin Says:

    Update – visited Wednesday 23rd May 2007

    I’ve just had the grumpiest, surliest service ever. They are often slow at taking your order from the table (but if you go up to the counter they’ll tell you to sit down again) but usually you get a smile at some point. The food was still nice but I’m really reluctant to go back as the welcome was so unwarm. A huge disappointment.

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