Sorrento, Woburn Shops

Visited: Wednesday 3rd January 2007, Last visited Saturday 11th June 2010

Lovely little caff, located between the British Library and University of London-land. Very friendly, everything home-made and open on Saturdays. You may encounter period location filming, but don’t let a young woman with a clipboard, headphones and a directional haircut put you off.

Interior: Cramped but utterly charming. Tiles, wooden benches and tables, steamy windows. Perfect for a rainy day.

Menu: Breakfasts and pasta. I’d actually only give the veggie pasta I had about 5/10 as the pasta was overcooked and there wasn’t much sauce or any cheese, but it had carrots and other veg in it and didn’t seem to be from a jar. The breakfasts looked great – mushrooms were cooked from fresh, not tinned and the bloke opposite me had a lovely-looking omelette (with standard from-frozen chips though – but you can choose to have it with salad instead). Best of all, hot bevs are in mugs rather than those useless little cups.


One Response to “Sorrento, Woburn Shops”

  1. schopflin Says:

    Update: Visited 8th February 2007

    Once again a very cosy place to be on a snowy day and a friendly welcome. Another lovely big mug of tea. The only let-down – the food. I made a bad choice again as it was half past three and felt a bit late for breakfast, and ordered a mozzarella and tuna toasty on brown, which turned out to be on white. I can’t honestly say it had anything memorable about it at all.

    However, I have made a discovery. They serve home-made strudel, carrot cake and almondy-looking jam sandwich-biscuits which look lovely. I’m not quite sure what such alpine treats have to do with southern Italy, but I don’t mind.

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