Cafe Mezzo, St Giles High St (near the Angel pub)

Visited: Saturday 6th January 2007

Cafe Mezzo used to be the New Era Cafe, handy for post-swimming porridge which never cost the same twice. It appears to be open in early evenings – a bonus now that Squat and Gobble isn’t anymore.

Interior: It looks jolly nice now with dark wood tables (but lacks the engaging naffness of the 1980s-style tiles and spotlights which used to be there).

Menu: Much the same both in price and content as in its New Era days. They do the usual breakfasts, omelettes and stuff and main dishes like vegetarian moussaka which, in the days when it was on display in a chill cabinet, looked yummy. The innovation is burgers.

Eaten: I had a toasted roast veg and halloummi club sandwich for which the filling was great but the bread was really cheap nasty brown stuff. However, they do do focaccia and
the like, and if I’d asked, I could probably have got a granary bap.


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